Regulators Mount Up!

Sorry to quote Young Guns via Warren G on a yoga blog, but it is appropriate seeing that a sort of “show down” is developing between state governments that want to regulate Yoga teacher training programs and teachers who want “peace, love and understanding” to be the only regulation required.

I am actually on the side of government here (yup, that’s right: regulators, mount up!). Having taken many varied teacher trainings and workshops, I can certainly say that not all teacher trainings are created equal. For the most part, I would say that the trainings registered with the Yoga Alliance are solid, but I did have a friend that took a YA approved training that I perceived to be lacking in many areas (no Philosophy or Anatomy sessions for example). The non YA registered training I took this year was EXTREMELY disappointing, and I could not feel safe recommending my friends or family to go to that studio in the future.

So, to sum up, why be afraid of validation? Yes standardization is limiting, but STANDARDS are not. I want my students to know that I have a quality training, and that I am required to continue my education. I want it known by my students that I am here to help them connect to overall a mind-body health that is proven, safe, and dare I say licensed by the state of California.

I mean, come on, even the people you seek out to paint your nails are State licensed. Don’t you want your Yoga teacher to be?

Listen to this story from NPR’s Marketplace and judge for yourself.

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