Plastic Planet

It is January, month of intention, resolution and perhaps life changing Sankalpa. As I understand Sankalpa, the purpose is to make a change that is positive and life-affirming, not one we will feel guilty about if we do not follow through, NOT AN EXERCISE IN SELF LOATHING!

With this in mind, please do not become overwhelmed when watching the movie trailer below (I become overwhelmed by these types of documentaries). Obviously, with the state of plastic in our world, we can no way avoid it all together. However, we can certainly take simple steps to cut down on our plastic usage and stop our waste of time, money, precious resources and of the planet.

Perhaps after watching this trailer you will want to join me in my resolution to cut down as best I can. Please post any ideas you have for cutting down on plastic usage, and check out the suggestions I have listed underneath the trailer<3



Plastic Planet

Ideas for cutting plastic usage:

-refill old soap dispensers/shampoo/conditioner bottles at your local health food stores (The usually have liquids such as EO or Dr. Bronners in bulk)

-choose to buy grocery items with the least packaging possible. Avoid tiny plastic bags/packaged foods within a big plastic bag, all of which could be avoided from buying from the bulk bins at your local health food store)

-choose to buy products such as flour, grains, nuts and snacks from bulk bins. Bring your own paper or cornstarch bags to use if not available.

-bring your own bags to the grocery store (duh)

-when bags are needed (trash, etc) choose to buy those made of starches, such as corn based Bio Bags for trash and Pooch Pickups for dog waste and small items.

-reuse glass jars as to-go cups

-bring to-go mugs and cups with you to work, meetings, etc

-bring reused cups/jars/sigg/kleen kanteen, type bottles/cups with you to work-out

-in the moment, think about what you are buying/using, brainstorm and see if there is a less trash based choice :)

-Have some culinary adventures and cook for your family, friends and self with local fresh ingredients (farmer’s market time).

-bake some extra delicious home made cookies to avoid the packaging

-For some hard-core inspiration check out this zero waste family I read about in Sunset Magazine

Let me know of any other ideas you have!!!!!